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News and Updates

11-14-2007 - System Update: SCEN's database server went down late last night. This means that visitors trying to access their SCEN user control panels or view other database-driven features such as classified ads will get a 'page not found' error message. Our engineers are working hard to get the server back up and running; thanks everyone for your patience. Meanwhile please visit our sister site BAEN serving all of California, www.bayequest.com.

    Scam Alert: Exploring all the Internet has to offer can be great fun and very profitable, but it pays to have some "street smarts".  Please see important information on Internet scams, including updates on the ubiquitous "Cashier's Check Scam". These scammers are all over the Internet targeting anyone selling high-priced items such as cars, boats, airplanes, and yes, even horses and horse equipment. We urge you to learn how to recognize their pitches and take appropriate steps to protect yourself.


SCEN's database features the spam-busting tool SCENMail. But there are further steps you can take to protect yourself against spam. See our tips on preventing spam

  Attention, all Equine Businesses, Clubs and Associations! Are you listed in our public business directory?  Search here, and if your organization is not listed you can add it yourself free of charge or contact us for assistance. There's no charge for this service if your business or organization is located in California. Don't see your favorite business or organization listed? Let them know and help us spread the word.

Attention, Mac/Safari Browser Users:  Our parent company Extend, Inc. has been working to resolve an incompatibility problem between Mac's Safari browser and our classified ads' php programming. Not every Mac user will experience difficulty; our stats confirm that there are Mac users successfully browsing our site and we've heard from Safari users who confirm this.  If you have difficulty browsing our site using Safari, please try using IE, Netscape, or Opera.  Can't access the control panel?  Please contact us for assistance.

Important notice to AOL users.  In their efforts to stop spammers, AOL is blocking domains and ISPs in unprecedented numbers. If you have signed up as a registered user and posted classified ads or other information on our site, SCEN will send you automatic messages containing your login info., classified ad confirmations including your ad ID number, charge receipts, and SCENmail inquiries from visitors who are responding to your ads.  If you're not receiving these messages, check with AOL. If you don't want to receive email messages via SCEN, or if you receive a message from SCEN that you believe is spam, please alert us right away; do NOT report these messages to AOL as spam:  If you report them as spam, it's not the person in the 'FROM' address field who gets reported and blocked, it's SCEN's own email server. Please note we never use email to send unsolicited advertising, nor do we sell or share contact info. with other companies; see our privacy policy.

Because AOL is extremely aggressive in blocking perceived spam (see Google search results on this subject), legitimate messages to AOL addresses may be blocked. We recommend using an email address other than AOL when registering or posting ads (for example, a free web-based email address such as Yahoo or Hotmail).

Tips on navigating our site:  Having difficulty viewing a page?  Not seeing the most recent ads?  Not receiving SCENmail?  Please check the following:
  • Simple fixes for browsing problems:

(1) Erase your Temporary Internet Files - this can greatly improve the performance of your browser and should be part of your regular maintenance routine.
(20 Clear your browser's history. 
(3) Refresh the page 2-3 times in your browser. Allow the page to download completely before scrolling or clicking on links.

(4) Try again in a few minutes.

  • Set your browser and/or Internet Security software to allow cookies from socalequest.com and bayequest.info.  For more information on how we use cookies, please see SCEN's privacy policy   
  • Turn off ad-blocking on this site. Many individuals and business networks are using Internet protection/ad blocking software such as Norton NIC, Google, etc. and leaving all default features turned on. These ad-blocking programs can interfere with your ability to navigate this and other web sites by hiding or disabling legitimate links. If you see blank spaces instead of "Submit new text-only ad", "Submit new photo ad", "Classified Ads", "Horses For Sale", etc. or if the links don't function, then ad-blocking software is a likely culprit. Symantec's Norton Internet Security and Firewall software is the usual culprit; it's included with many new computers and comes with ad blocking turned ON by default. You can turn off Norton NIC ad-blocking for a specific web site and leave it on for others. 
  • Turn off anti-popup software on this site. Many links in our classified ads open in a new browser window so you'll never get "lost" from where you started.  If you have anti-popup software running on your computer, please set it to allow popup windows while navigating our site.  SCEN never uses popups to deliver advertising.
  • If you have anti-spam software screening your email, please set it to allow email from the domains SOCALEQUEST.COM, BAYEQUEST.COM and BAYEQUEST.INFO. 

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