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The Southern California Equestrian Network www.socalequest.com (SCEN) is an on-line community where California equine businesses, organizations and consumers can meet and exchange information. SCEN is a full sister site of the popular Bay Area Equestrian Network, created in 1997 to help promote the equine industry in Northern California. SCEN was built in response to many requests from our southern California fans.

Tens of thousands of visitors from California, across North America and around the world visit us each month. We are indexed in numerous major Internet search engines and equine/regional directories. 

To help support our free features, SCEN offers paid advertising and reasonably priced Memberships that include web site design, hosting and Internet marketing for equine businesses. Our parent company is Extend, Inc., business software consultants and developers. To request more information, please write to info@socalequest.com or toll-free 800-943-8883 during regular business hours. Our business hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Pacific Time.

If you're an equine professional who wants to reach horse enthusiasts in California, here's why you should work with the Southern California Equestrian Network:

We are California-owned and operated. 
We have over 12 years experience in commercial software design and web site services.
We're staffed by employees and volunteers who are horse owners and enthusiasts.
Your paid SCEN Membership helps support valuable free services to the equine community, including our Business Directories, Events Calendar, and Classified Ads.

Want to promote the equine industry in Southern California and on the Internet?  Then partner with us!

Telephone   800-943-8883
FAX   925-397-6722
Postal Address   Southern California Equestrian Network
4847 Hopyard Road, # 4PMB218
Pleasanton, CA  94588   USA
Email   info@socalequest.com







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